Your people are your business

The only way things happen in our world is through relationship

Creating robust, collaborative and aligned relationships is key to unlocking the energy, strength and capability that is your organisation.

Building collaborative and robust relationships



Building collaborative and robust relationships through a coaching approach is at the heart of what we do, enabling you to:


Develop leadership depth

Developing leadership repertoire and Emotional Intelligence across your organisation.


Create foresight; Shape strategy

Understanding what you are here for; what is yours to deliver and what success looks like.


Enable cultural alignment

Bringing your values to life in practice to align hearts, minds and actions with your wider purpose and strategy.

By unlocking your capability to face into the future together, energy begins to flow and changes start to happen



Working as a psychologist and coach with National and Global organisations,  within Defence, Central Government, Regulatory bodies, Financial Investment, Global Technology, Manufacturing, Media and Mining.


Coaching Approach

As equals, we decide how we are going to work together and what we are going to do to make the most out of the opportunity.


Coaching Philosophy

Coaching provides the space for development of personal strategies and reframes that facilitate more adaptive and agile leadership and ways of being. 

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

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Our work involves providing individual coaching services, support to develop leaders and their teams, leader as coach programmes and facilitation of strategic planning events.

Whatever your organisational design, however carefully constructed your processes and systems, the resilience of your company depends on the quality and alignment of every relationship– external and internal.


My writing reflects my own professional journey and interests. Sharing my journey, enquiry, and curiosity. I am keen to demystify and to reduce barriers. I have had a lot of feedback that my style of writing brings clarity and simplifies, making accessible some significant and complex topics.


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Provides a clear and extensive guide to the theory, research and practice of coaching psychology.

Every company has its own values and brand which it wants its customers and clients to engage with and develop loyalty to.

In our super-connected world, organizations brands and reputations are shaped to a far greater extent by the personal experience of their employees and customers.