— Hi, I'm Alison


Chartered and Registered Psychologist

I consult, coach and supervise across industries at senior levels as well as engaging in probono work in local and global communities.

Always curious, a playful and provocative, I bring systemic depth, somatics and story. I invites clients to step up and live their legacy in the different communities they are part of.

I have recently been exploring and writing about regenerative coaching practices. Prior to co-founding the Climate Coaching Alliance, in July 2019, together with Zoe Cohen and Linda Aspey, I co-authored the open letter to the coaching profession to declare a climate emergency. I worked with the Pachamama Alliance and write on subjects from complexity and gestalt practice through to coach accreditation and much in between.

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Career History

Graduating with a degree and PhD in Psychology from Liverpool University, I moved on to researching organizational change strategies, engagement, performance and well-being in the manufacturing industry at the University of Sheffield before stepping into a consultancy role for a short period with a psychometric test publisher.  The early part of my career provided broad, practical insight into human aspects of organisational change, performance and well-being.



Initially running executive and graduate level corporate assessment /development  programmes, I then brought my organisational systems and individual assessment work together supporting Management Due Diligence services at Burlington Consultants. I worked alongside a Corporate Strategist who led the service, before we moved together to work independently when Burlington was absorbed into Deloittes.


I started coaching in the early 2000’s, completing a counselling qualification to deepen my core coaching skill set in 2003. I was at the forefront of bringing together the coaching profession and psychology profession, co-proposing the development of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology of the British Psychological Society, where I spent six years as part of the executive team.


In addition to running a busy coaching and coaching supervision practice, I write, am a frequent speaker at conferences on regenerative coaching and climate coaching, and a disruptive thinker and actor within my profession. I have received awards for my work in the profession of coaching and coaching psychology.


Working as a psychologist and coach, I have worked with National and Global organisations, with most of my experience within Defence, Central Government, Regulatory bodies, Financial Investment, Global Technology, Manufacturing, Media and Mining, with some experience of working in most sectors over my 30 year career.


Recently, I co-founded the Climate Coaching Alliance, a global community designed to accelerate the capability of coaches and the wider coaching profession to work effectively with leaders across industries, professions and communities around the world who are grappling with deep systemic issues around climate and environmental breakdown.


Big Questions

How can we as a species come together and raise our game? Moving beyond individual, or organisational success.


Coaching Approach

As equals, we decide how we are going to work together and what we are going to do to make the most out of the opportunity.


Coaching Philosophy

Coaching provides the space for development of personal strategies and reframes that facilitate more adaptive and agile leadership and ways of being.