Big Questions

Stepping into 2021 we are holding some big questions:

How can we as a species come together and raise our game?

Moving beyond individual, or organisational success,  what does success look like for the communities that we live and work in? How might we see community as beyond just the human, but the whole ecosystem. We need all living forms for humans to survive and thrive.


What is the opportunity and possibility that coaching offers to play midwife to a new human story?

butterfly, bug, insect-3857231.jpg

What is the story that is unfolding in you as you stand on these thresholds?

  • How might we step up and emerge as a species co-evolving with our earth? We co-evolve with our earth anyway, often we do so out of awareness, we don’t see the impact we have everyday on the living system of our planet. How do we wake up, step up and become a conscious partner in that evolution? How do we pay attention to the impact we are having? How might take a 7 generations stance?
  • How might we enable a way of living to flourish in which we can all thrive within our natural habitat? Nature works on a circular economic model. Nothing is wasted. Waste in one process becomes fuel for the next. How do we shift our thinking to a circular model in everything that we do? How do we adopt a zero-waste mentality? This comes right down to organisational structures, processes and policies, as well as cultural norms, and physical products. Just imagine the flourishing lives we might have if we shifted from a consumer resources, discard mentality to savouring everything fully?
  • How do we slow down, remember who we are and consciously reconnect with the web of life? We are but a thread in the web of life. It’s a truth we have forgotten. Our thinking puts us outside the web and it degrades our experience of life. How do we reconnect? How do we do the work on ourselves to slow down and consciously reconnect to this web?


Working as a psychologist and coach with National and Global organisations,  within Defence, Central Government, Regulatory bodies, Financial Investment, Global Technology, Manufacturing, Media and Mining.


Coaching Approach

As equals, we decide how we are going to work together and what we are going to do to make the most out of the opportunity.


Coaching Philosophy

Coaching provides the space for development of personal strategies and reframes that facilitate more adaptive and agile leadership and ways of being.