Coaching Approach

My coaching approach integrates practical reality and psychological theory.

This approach allows me to work at the client’s ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ learning edge and create a shift or transformation in how they see themselves, their world and their ability to make a difference.

The starting point in any coaching work is to build trusted working relationships. As equals, we decide how we are going to work together and what we are going to do to make the most out of the opportunity. This working alliance is critical to the success of every coaching assignment.

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Building Capability

I typically work across five core elements with my clients:


  • Depth of confidence and use of power.
  • Connection and somatic presence.
  • Level of strategic development and within that, thought leadership, self-leadership, and people leadership.
  • Alignment and integrity around values and purpose in a wide context.
  • Skills of unlearning, acceptance, letting go in order to remain agile and adaptive.

Incredibly calm, warm, curious and challenging. I quickly build trust. I am seen as robust and someone who works without ego. I focus on client learning and drawing out client thinking and solutions.


My clients appreciate my strategic and whole system approach, my energy, depth and creative challenge. I meet clients where they are, so every coaching partnership is new and different. I bring new frameworks and stimuli that take people out of their current world-view, into a bigger, interconnected perspective. Clients return with greater insight, capability and resilience. I build strong foundations for action, and a clear-sighted awareness of the necessity for circular design, regenerative lenses and a focus on people, planet and profitability.


As a thinking partner, I take a wider stakeholder centric perspective, that reaches out to the edge of our biosphere, environment and society, as well as more traditional stakeholder groups.


Coaching is about building capability that remains long after our final meeting has ended.


Big Questions

How can we as a species come together and raise our game? Moving beyond individual, or organisational success.



Working as a psychologist and coach with National and Global organisations,  within Defence, Central Government, Regulatory bodies, Financial Investment, Global Technology, Manufacturing, Media and Mining.


Coaching Philosophy

Coaching provides the space for development of personal strategies and reframes that facilitate more adaptive and agile leadership and ways of being.