Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is simple:

Everything is connected to everything else, our world is socially constructed and the way we construct our world leads us to take certain views and actions. Coaching accelerates insight and acts as a catalyst for growth.

Coaching provides the space for development of personal strategies and reframes that facilitate more adaptive and agile leadership and ways of being.  Shifting old patterns effectively requires attention to mind, body and heart.

My coaching roots are in systemic practice, drawing from gestalt, constructivist and wider existential frames. I work with system dynamics, metaphor  and complexity and the application of living systems leadership principles.

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Coaching is a space of transformation

Within this wider frame, I draw on a range of tools and techniques that creatively facilitate focus on subtle nuances, picking up ways in which people think, act and connect and how these augment or interfere with purpose, aspirations and capability.


Coaching provides a space to allow ourselves to do some serious playing, to become who we are with confidence, grace and greater skill.


Big Questions

How can we as a species come together and raise our game? Moving beyond individual, or organisational success.



Working as a psychologist and coach with National and Global organisations,  within Defence, Central Government, Regulatory bodies, Financial Investment, Global Technology, Manufacturing, Media and Mining.


Coaching Approach

As equals, we decide how we are going to work together and what we are going to do to make the most out of the opportunity.