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Over my career I have developed a coaching approach that integrates business reality and psychological theory

This approach allows me to work at my clients learning edge and create a shift or transformation in how they see themselves, their world and their ability to make a difference.

Leadership Coaching


Good leaders are able to lift their heads up from delivering in order to see and align themselves and their teams towards the bigger picture.

But effective leaders are not simply born.

Leadership is a craft and takes practice. I work with senior and board level executives to help them to recognise their signature strengths and to shape their contribution, resulting in a stronger, more tangible leadership presence and capability.


Through this process, clients are able to ‘show up’ as leaders in a way that is genuine, effective and sustainable, leveraging the commitment and capabilities of their teams.

The result is an increase in clarity, resourcefulness and impact that empowers individuals to inhabit new perspectives and ways of operating

Leadership Transition Coaching

I am frequently invited to work with individuals who are keen to make a significant leadership and personal transition.These could include: A need to step up to a new level of organizational leadership and find a different way of engaging with people and building relationships or a transition to a new career role.More personal concerns may also be in the mix, concerns that could derail or limit a successful career, such as: feeling out of balance, ‘stuckness’, lack of confidence (generic or specifically focused on an activity such as public speaking) and sometimes crisis.The work we do together is often about connecting or re-connecting with personal purpose and core values, securing the ‘home ground’, and exploring the wider impact on their organizational role and career journey.All coaching assignments start with an engagement meeting to understand the focus of the coaching and working relationship are designed to have the impact required.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership team coaching is designed to:


  • Facilitate articulation of a robust and compelling purpose,
  • Disentangle and free up the relationships in the team, working with dynamics and to build strong intra team connections in service of delivering the business purpose.
  • Build the skills of the team to enable ongoing dialogue and effective delivery.

The core team-coaching programme includes


  • In-depth one-to-one coaching for the leader of the team.
  • Profiling the values, preferences and behaviours for everyone in the team.
  • Three separate facilitated team development / meeting events that are designed to work with and progress through live business issues.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions for all team members focused on building individual capability to enable team effectiveness.

Building collaborative and robust relationships


Coaching Supervision

Developing you and your coaching practice so that your investment in your practice has the most valuable possible impact across all networks and systems you impact on.


Develop leadership depth

Developing leadership repertoire and Emotional Intelligence across your organisation.


Create foresight; Shape strategy

Understanding what you are here for; what is yours to deliver and what success looks like.


Enable cultural alignment

Bringing your values to life in practice to align hearts, minds and actions with your wider purpose and strategy.