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Developing Leadership Depth

Leadership depth is achieved through the strength and breadth of your leaders’ repertoire.

Greater leadership skill throughout the organisation strengthens relationships, enriches your talent pipeline and builds greater capability and flexibility in the face of an ever changing business context.

In addition to the core 1:1 and team coaching for leaders, we deliver:


  • Leadership development programmes designed to develop Leaderes EQ and coaching skills. These programmes develop the interpersonal repertoire of leaders enabling them to leverage the capability of their teams and those around them.  These programmes are highly interactive and experiential.
  • Using a world leading learning technology platform, designed specifically to develop the emotional intelligence and people impact of leaders and managers, we are able to integrate a blended learning approach that offers personalised learning to each individual participant into our programme delivery.

Building collaborative and robust relationships



Building collaborative and robust relationships through a coaching approach is at the heart of what we do, enabling you to:


Coaching Supervision

Developing you and your coaching practice so that your investment in your practice has the most valuable possible impact across all networks and systems you impact on.


Create foresight; Shape strategy

Understanding what you are here for; what is yours to deliver and what success looks like.


Enable cultural alignment

Bringing your values to life in practice to align hearts, minds and actions with your wider purpose and strategy.