When ideas turn into reality and new horizons open: Aptimore

“I think I’ve spotted a gap and I’m working on an idea to bridge it, and by the way, you can’t tell anyone, not a soul”

When I was invited for a coffee by Katy towards the beginning of Aptimore, I knew I was going to step into a project that had the potential to redefine aspects of the world that we all took for granted.

Having worked with Katy since 2003, I knew she was a far-sighted and incredibly robust thinker. If there was a gap that had been spotted, then it was a real gap and there was a real solution in the making.

The world in question was on-line learning and the ability to use on-line learning platforms to develop Emotional Intelligence  (EI), a quality that is in growing demand. In an explicitly complex and relationship based world, to be successful, people need to be highly self-aware, be skilled at self-management and capable of building robust and impactful relationships.

Of course I opted in.

The underpinning ethos was a starting point that learning and development needs to be personal and personalised to be effective. What we have created has redefined the phrase personalised learning when it comes to on line learning.

How did we get there?

Aptimore grew out of our backgrounds in face-to-face assessment and development. During thousands of assessments and feedback sessions, we’ve given people personal advice about how to become better colleagues, managers or leaders, how to make the most of themselves and improve their relationships with the people they work with.

Over time, we worked out that there were patterns in the advice we were giving. If we could decipher the patterns, work out the algorithms that underlay our judgment, then we could use technology to help more people to understand themselves and become better colleagues, managers and leaders.

It’s taken a while, but we got there. We now have a system that offers truly personalised learning and development at a price that’s accessible for any organisation.

What I love about Aptimore?

Its impact on the leaders and managers I work with. Their ability to see themselves and their colleagues in the material and engage with the messages. And – the opportunity to pull out the learning they need, when they need it.

That my clients can easily have a finger on the pulse of the learning needs in their organisation, that they can see what’s working, can customise their blended learning approach and make better decisions.

The opportunity to integrate some of those ‘CEO’s tips’, the pearls of wisdom that we have learned from those senior leaders we have worked with that we can sprinkle into the units for people to discover.

The underpinning robustness, the ability to build on a solid integration of the best of applied learning, applied psychology and applied systems thinking and organisational development.

That Aptimore itself is a learning system. It’s not static. Yes, it will grow and develop, but it also learns from the data that we capture from every user resulting in refined algorithms and deeper personalisation.

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to be kept updated on Aptimore then get in touch, or go to www.aptimore.com